In 1991, Bruce Carlson, Bernard Neumann founded the company. In the course of a decade, continuing the activity carried out individually by its partners up until then, the company earns new and qualified recognition.

The ever more frequent collaboration, in organising international exhibitions ("A. Stradivari 1987", "The Guarneris", "The Travels of J. B. Guadagnini", "and they made violins in Cremona from the renaissance to Romantic era"), the participation in national and international conventions, having contributed to the preparation of catalogues and publications, bear witness to the affermation obtained by Carlson & Neumann.

The restoration of the Bergonzi double bass made in 1777 belonging to the Stradivarian Museum, and the appointment as conservator of Mr. Bruce Carlson of the violin which belonged to Nicolò Paganini, the "Cannon" by Guarneri del Gesù, represent the latest prestigious recognitions obtained in the field of restoration and conservation.